What our customers write about us

Retired Justice
Evelyn Lundberg Stratton
Ohio Supreme Court

“Sergeant David Corlett, a former Army Desert Storm veteran, has pioneered a wonderful program that has connected veterans with police officers, particularly Crisis Intervention Team officers, who respond to a call for a veteran who served in a similar branch of service, work with connecting the veteran with services in the community and provide follow up with that veteran. That connection with a fellow veteran, and the follow up with support, can sometimes make a difference between life and death, or spiraling into drug addiction and further involvement in the criminal justice system. It is indeed a lifeline. Sergeant Corlett is to be commended for his promoting of this project in Ohio and hopefully nationwide“

Florida Congresswoman Maria Salazaar

The SERVICE Act was inspired by the Cincinnati Police Department's (CPD) “Military Liaison Group” created by Sergeant Dave Corlett. This is the only group of its kind in the United States and currently responds to calls all over the Midwest. Upon the initiation of the CPD's Military Liaison Group, Sgt. Corlett had the goal to make the tool nationwide for law enforcement to help veterans in need. The SERVICE Act, if passed, would create a federal grant pilot program that would expand the program nationwide.

Jennifer Pritt
Executive Director
FL Police Chiefs Assn.

“We believe that providing training and education for law enforcement officers on mental health issues related to military service, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, depression and anxiety can only help us to assist those heroes in their time of need,”

Robin Kelleher
President and CEO
Hope For The Warriors

“When it comes to responding to veterans in crisis, law enforcement must be fully trained in military culture to effectively serve, protect and mentor a population who understands the sacrifice and deep camaraderie of service to our country,"

Steve Chabot
Representative (OH) 

“As we approach Veterans Day, we are reminded of the great sacrifices that our service members have made for this country. Legislation like the SERVICE Act will provide grants for local police departments to create veteran’s response teams to support veterans in need of assistance,” “In my district, the Cincinnati Police Department has had success with this program, and we believe that this pilot program will help create a model for other departments across the country.”

Brad Wenstrup
Representative (OH)  

“We need veterans to know that we’ve got their back – especially when they find themselves in difficult situations. That’s the basis behind the SERVICE Act, which is based off an incredibly successful program created by Cincinnati Police Sergeant Dave Corlett to form veteran response units to aid police officers responding to veteran-involved crises,"

Amanda Shaw, MA, CTP   Director, Mental Health and Criminal Justice

Sgt. Corlett’s work as the Military Liaison Coordinator is innovative, informative and absolutely invaluable. Sgt. Corlette has not only improved services provided to veterans, but has saved precious lives. I have witnessed Sgt. Corlett speak to training classes about both being a veteran and responding to veterans in crisis in a way that was inspiring to both new recruits and lifelong law enforcement. His program is necessary in Cincinnati, should continue indefinitely and deserves all the recognition and support it receives and more.

Gilbert L. Moore Senior Advisor Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) U.S. Department of Justice 

Thank you both very much for your time, your contribution to the law enforcement community, and the work you do on behalf of veterans. As a veteran, if I ever find myself in-crisis I sincerely hope I’m in Cincinnati at the time.